Our cloud-based system is the heart of the operation. The portal provides customers with a real-time view of all vehicle and claim details. This includes all logistics, repair arrangements, and continuous progress updates.  Click the LOG IN button then enter your log-in name & password. If you misplace your log-in name or password, contact crashteam@crashmanagement.co.nz for assistance.

Client view

  1. Once logged in, click on ‘Project Archive’ in the menu.
  2. If we have multiple cases for you in our system, use the search criteria to narrow your selection. If you have one case only, ignore the search criteria. Click the SEARCH button.
  3. When the index appears, click on the case Title (client name/vehicle) you want to review.
  4. View your repair information, progress, target completion date & any uploaded files. You can send information or queries by emailing your Case Manager from the Messages section at the bottom of the page. All information and uploaded files are permanently attached to the records. 
  5. All cases are searchable, both Active and Completed/Archived.