NZI Car Accident Claims – Affected by Mass Redundancies ?

It’s a fickle world in the corporate shark-tank. It was reported yesterday that IAG’s new Australian Division has adopted a new strategic approach and simplified its structure, sparking a shock-wave of redundancies.…/iag-restructure-results-in-ke….  Perhaps we can look forward to faster NZI car accident claims, assessing & repair authorisations?

Crash Management will be sure to cover it. Meantime we hear continued complaints about the already slow processing times for NZI car accident claims and it’s been a hot topic in CoverNote magazine recently with the Collision Repair Assoc (CRA) suggesting that NZI car accident claims  performance is the worst in the market, along with parent company IAG and their other subsidiaries State & AMI.  CoverNote has also reported that CRA research shows the average time taken to repair a vehicle is around 6 days (after all the formalities are finally completed) of which a third is lost in administration and unnecessary  bureaucracy.  There’s no doubt the total time to complete car accident claims from lodgement to final repair completion is growing longer and is caused by many industry delays.

Crash Management is very aware how problematic this is for clients so we’re very focused on streamlining and expediting the end-to-end experience for our customers.  The new free rental car facility for not-at-fault parties is also proving extremely popular with clients particularly business fleets and those needing free replacement commercial vehicles including utes and vans.  Our mission is to save customers time & inconvenience, and keep them on the road.

The CRA states that the time taken up with complying with NZI car accident claims and assessing procedures can be as long as the repair itself and results in the vehicle being off the road for twice as long as it need be.

Don’t be a victim, Crash Management can help.  Call 0800 2CRASH to fast-track and avoid the bureaucracy, we can have customers in a free rental car within 24hrs and get you back on the road faster!




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  1. Duncan
    | Reply

    I can verify this. The NZI claim routine was far too slow. The panelbeater you got to fix my van was excellent but they did complain about the rigmarole and office time taken up with taking multi rounds of photos that they do not get paid for. They said their expected to do the assesssors job for them but the time is not chargable as admin is included in the $65 an hour labour rate – joke! What tradie would work for $65. No wonder no one wants to work in the panelbeating industry. Come on NZI treat your tradies fair.They did a good job though and Crash organised everything so very easy for me and my driver. The free rental van was a bonus and delivered to the door thanks Crash. Very glad our broker introduced us to Crash Management, great service and information support.

  2. Leslie Franks
    | Reply

    I certainly agree that Crash Management can deliver a great customer service and we’ve seen this many times. I don’t think it’s entirely fair to single out NZI claims process though regardless of what the CRA may claim to the contrary. Tim Grafton’s response is that the panelbeating sector is under-resourced and I think we’lll all agree with that, the current service waiting times for repairs is extreme. We’re aware of 3 – 4 months delays with some service providers in some regions.

    As an aside, the free Acorn Rental cars for not at-fault parties is no doubt a fantastic offering from the client’s perspective but I must say that all insurers absolutely hate it and are refusing to pay – so how will this affect clients who have availed themselves of the free rentals?

    IAG may be a hard task-master from the panelbeaters point of view but lets not forget that it is their job to keep repair costs as low as possible. Perhaps improved training and technology is the answer for the panelbeating businesses?

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