Managing a mobile work-force is a 24/7 job!  It’s a full time role when the fleet runs like clock-work, when something goes wrong it can be an emergency situation – if catastrophe strikes after hours, it can be a crisis.  Managing the unexpected including emergencies is just another reason why a robust accident management plan is so important, and why having the right accident management out-sourced service provider is critical. When fleet crashes occur, it is almost impossible to action an instant response and the follow up logistics alone, while protecting the company from financial and legal liability.

A robust accident management programme will take care of everything from emergency road-side services, insurance claims support, repair quotes & assessing, free replacement vehicles, and all the logistics in between.  This will keep you focused on the operating fleet so you can keep everything running smoothly.

  1. Reduce distraction and involvement

Out-sourced 24/7 accident management significantly reduces intrusion on company administration and management time, while delivering specialised expertise and professional solutions. Clients still can still control critical decision making though, and a good accident management service immediately responds to an incident by communicating with drivers and fleet managers to expedite progress. We can collate and provide you with all the relevant data, while co-ordinating roadside assistance, negotiating third-party claims and actioning logistics on a clients behalf. This leaves you free to focus on business-as-usual.

  1. Avoid manual collection of important data at the time of an incident. 

A good accident management programme will include cloud-based reporting technologies so information is retained in perpetuity and is accessed under one easy log-in at any time. Driver details, incident location, damage description and crash details are all available in real time. Claim forms, images, repair quotes, and assessors reports are also uploaded and retained. It’s a robust, reliable, and efficient 21st Century solution.

  1. Reduce accident risk

Pro-active accident avoidance is the objective. Our automated data collection and reporting systems provide high visibility into all areas of fleet risk, including recidivist drivers that need up-skilling, or vehicles that are not fit for purpose or simply not performing.  Accident causes are soon exposed, so that targeted remedial action can be designed and delivered.

Solutions can also include adjustments to fleet policies, driver assignments, and many other important aspects of a mobile workforce and is the best way to reduce the potential for crashes in the first instance. Crash Management makes it all possible.


Crash Management delivers every aspect of incident response and management for you, allowing your fleet to recover quickly in the event of a collision – helping you save precious time and money.

  1. Driver safety comes first!

We fully customise a Driver Response & Repatriation Plan in consultation with you to ensure compliance and nationwide consistency in the event of a vehicle crash.  We deliver exactly what you would want if you were doing it all yourself – but we’ll be doing it 24/7 so you can rest (and sleep) easy!

We gather all critical details from drivers, work with emergency services and first responders to deliver safe solutions FAST.  We care about your employees’ safety as much as you do, and we’re here anytime anywhere. 

  1. Vehicle claims efficiency

Crash Management saves significant administration time so you don’t need to do all the doing. Clients have full visibility throughout the process and can specify their level of preferred involvement including decision-making. You can also mandate the level of involvement and expenditure we are authorised to deliver on your behalf.  This can include assessing, third-party insurance claim involvement and recoveries. 

  1. Expert accident damage repair management

Crash Management operates a nationwide network of expert, compliant collision repair professionals – we’ve got the country covered. We have the capability and resources to ensure your vehicles are repaired to manufacturers’ specifications – this ensures on-going driver safety, and protects the integrity and value of your fleet.

  1. DIY is DEAD!

Modern motor vehicles are highly complex machines, 21st Century collision repair technology is very sophisticated, and the service market is highly constrained.  Crash Management delivers industrial grade expertise & leverage, supported by strong working relationships with all stakeholders in the insurance and repair sectors.

Outsourcing accident management to the experts ensures improved visibility and peace-of-mind, and increased savings in time and resources.  Contact Crash Management now to discuss your fleet needs and how we can help.

3 Responses

  1. Hans
    | Reply

    A good over view of what can be delivered by professional fleet accident management services. I’m happy to vouch for the Crash Management service, now in the second contract term for our mixed fleet of 320 cars and light commercials. Confirm strong improvements in operating efficiency and driver focused support/safety resources. Keep up the good work Crash!

  2. Adrian
    | Reply

    Agreed, a good summary of some of the issues. The leasing firm offers some similar advice tied to promises of great improvements based on their proprietal solutions but one has to wonder how neutral or customer-interested some of this information is, often it seems quite opinion-based so understanding the science would beneficial. Does anyone know of any government entity providing resources in the fleet space?

    • Crash Management
      | Reply

      Great question and great timing Adrian. We posted a profile today featuring the Australasian Fleet Managers Association. You may want to refer to the link below for some general information on this not-for-profit organisation and the resources they provide including learning. Their fleet forum conferences started today too, across a range of venues, up til April 9th. Thanks for joining the conversation!

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